hello, friends

My name is Shaun. I thought I should say something after Jen’s flattering introduction. So what she says is true, I’m ADD-ish in my pursuits; once something strikes me as interesting, I dive in deep and try to learn as much as I can about it.

I’ve been a long-time camper/hiker/backpacker/fisherman because of my awesome parents and family. The feeling of being able to thrive out in the wilderness, albeit with a lot of cool gear, makes me feel a great sense of accomplishment and peace. Connecting with nature is a very powerful feeling and the simple lifestyle it enables is essential to my sanity, even if it’s just for a week at a time.

Throw in food + wine + beer, music, mopeds, boats, photography, chemical engineering, and Jen and you’ve got my life. I really like sharing this stuff with other people and she has been a perfect companion this past year.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy our rants and learn something useful in the process.


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