A first attempt at vegetable gardening!

This spring, my inner ag-roots were screaming to start growing my own vegetables.  With advice from Shaun’s garden-guru parents, I was looking forward to cultivating the land as soon as we moved into our new place at the beginning of May.  I was so eager that I started a small (transportable) planter box in the front yard of our previous house with two spinach plants and some carrot seeds.  The little planter box was so cute and I was so excited for my carrots to pop up.

Then, disappointment: snails ate up little holes in many of the baby spinach leaves.  A few weeks later, my little carrots had started to sprout!  But after a week or so, the snails ate all the sprouts too.  But alas, it was my fault for not taking more precautions – a cheap & easy beer trap would do the trick.

As an Easter/Housewarming gift, Shaun’s dad gave us 2 Early Girl tomato plants and an orange pepper to get us started.  But upon moving into our new house, I discovered that there were not many locations for in-ground gardening.  Rosebushes and trees took up much of the landscaped planting space, and casted shadows on the majority of the yard throughout the day.  So I decided to move forward with container gardening, found a highly recommended book, and planted my little guys in cheap plastic pots in the most sunned area of the yard.

We will see what trials and tribulations may occur, but if anything this will be a great first learning experience.  As long as I am attentive and keep these babies sunny and watered, I can only hope to have a successful yield and a few tasty home-grown meals later in the summer!


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