June 2010: Clark Fork Camping Trip

My first camping trip of 2010 was planned for early June.  Shaun aimed us towards Clark Fork off of CA Highway 108 in the Stanislaus National Forest: a family favorite for car camping.  We got off work on Friday, picked up the pup, and headed out for the weekend.  We got to the campground at dusk, set up camp and cooked our dinner.

The Clark Fork campground is well covered with trees and is one of the best for car camping along Hwy 108.

The next day we set out to hike around, take pictures, and try our hand at fishing in a nearby stream.  We found a nice meadow and spent the midday there.  There were still some patches of snow, so beware late spring campers: check the conditions before you head out.

After our short hike, Shaun decided to take me across Sonora Pass (just recently opened for the season) and check out Bridgeport – a small town on the eastern side of the Sierras.  The drive was long, winding, and passed through the snow-covered caps.

Once we arrived in Bridgeport we grabbed an ice cream cone at a local burger joint.  The town is surrounded by fields of grazing cattle, so we drove around to find a good place for some photos.  We pulled over next to a field and Shaun started taking pictures.

While Shaun clicked away, we heard Rosco in the back of the car growling out the window to the other side of the road.  In between a group of ordinary cattle, we encountered one of the meanest, ugliest, most steriod-pumped and massive bulls the world has ever seen.  The humongous black beast was staring us down from behind the measley barbed wire fence, and Rosco was agitating it further with his growls and barks.  The bull started to paw the ground with his front feet, kicking dirt backwards, and snorting.  The ultimate display of aggression.  Rosco continued to growl and bark and we began to get nervous.  We jumped in the car and started to drive off – only to see the bull’s projectile poo cover all the nearby cattle.  Is this too an act of aggression in bulls?  Yuck… but none-the-less one of our favorite stories to tell friends.

We drove back over the pass in the late afternoon and spent the evening back at our campsite at Clark Fork campground.

The next morning, Sunday, we lazily packed up our campsite and mosied around the nearby off-road trails.  We found a nice secluded spot to eat lunch, then we headed back home.

It was a great, relaxing weekend and a memorable start to Summer 2010.


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