A Top 10 List Of Things To Do This Summer.

Topic #144 from The Daily Post: Make a top ten list of things to do this summer.

Here’s my list of general things everyone must do during summer:

  1. Buy a new pair of sunglasses.
  2. Go camping.
  3. Plant something. Watch it grow.
  4. Go for a swim.
  5. Play sports outside.
  6. Go to a festival – music, food, etc.
  7. Barbeque.
  8. Hike.
  9. Go to a restaurant and eat at their outdoor patio.
  10. Lounge at the beach.

Here’s my list of ten lofty goals I’d like to accomplish this summer:

  1. Go on more backpacking trips than I did last year.  In 2010 I went on 3 trips, and so far for 2011 I have already put one trip under my belt.
  2. Cook a meal (or two) using vegetables from my own “garden”.
  3. Host a grown-up party.  Where people are impressed about my home and culinary skills.
  4. Give my bedroom a makeover, including: new bedding and “new” art and furniture (updating/painting current furniture, crafting, etc).
  5. Have my baby sis visit me for a few weeks.  As a kid, I always wanted a relative who would invite me to their far-away-home to spend part of my summer vacation.  I can give that experience to my sis… but only if she gets good grades in her 6th grade classes!
  6. Get good grades (A’s) in my two summer online classes and get accepted to the master’s program at Kansas State University.
  7. Get a promotion from “assistant” to “scientist”.
  8. Get back into music: complete the recording of our demo CD and start playing at open mic nights again!
  9. Make new friends in the Modesto area – my home base where I should know people and be able to meet up with them for dinner, drinks, or other fun events.
  10. Get more financially stable: increase my non-existant savings, continue to make a dent on my debt (my 2011 new years resolution was to have no credit card debt by 2012).

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