2011-06-26 Bridgeport Reservoir Dudes Fishing Trip

This one goes back to the last weekend of June – the usual suspects (Dad, Little Bro, and Myself) got together for a fishing trip to “The Res”. While they headed up Thursday, I wasn’t able to get Friday off work. I ducked out as early as possible and drove my pre-loaded car over Sonora Pass. There was still 6+ feet of snow in some places, but I only managed a picture of Night Cap Peak to the south.

We tried a new campground this time around, since in previous years the Twin Lakes area has been getting very crowded. I arrived shortly before dark and was surprised to find only a handful of cars in the campground on a Friday night in summer. This will definitely be a new favorite spot of mine when looking for solitude.

The next day we hit our favorite breakfast spot in Bridgeport, Hay’s St. Cafe. You can’t beat the views of the Sawtooth Ridge to the east, which you can see from every window while you eat.

We filled up on coffee and greasy goodness and made a quick stop by the Bridgeport Ranger District office to check out a great piece of history – a wheel from John Fremont’s cannon which he abandoned during his 1844 expedition.

Believe it or not, these pieces of the cannon were recovered by my Great Uncle Francois “Bud” Uzes, his sons (I call them my Uncles) Russ and Ron, and the Fremont Howitzer Recovery Team. If interested, you can find general info here and the specific story with pictures, written by my Uncle Ron here. On a previous Bridgeport trip in 2000, Ron took Dad, bro, and myself to the cannon dig site. I remember him showing us copies of some of these photos and explaining the artifacts recovered in 1997. I wished I had paid more attention, but will always remember that trip.

Afterwards, we hit the lake. The bite took a while to turn on, but we started catching decent sized rainbows within a half hour.

The lake was fairly busy with boats. There were a lot of boats bait dunking in East Walker Bay, but we were mostly trolling near Rainbow Point. The bite turned off around noon and we headed back to camp to make lunch.

We looked over maps of the area and decided on a day hike into the Hoover Wilderness. This has become one of my favorite wilderness areas because it can have great fishing and relatively few crowds. We hiked through lush meadows with tons of wild flowers, along a rushing creek, and began searching for a fishable spot to stop and relax.

We eventually found a spot that where the water slowed down a bit and went to work.

We had a few followers, but not takers. We hiked back to the car and headed to camp for some cocktails and dinner. Margaritas and BBQ’d lamp chops marked the end of a great day in the Eastern Sierras.

Sunday morning we decided to hit the lake early and get as much fishing done before we had to pack up and leave. The weather and lake were beautiful, but the fishing left much to be desired… good thing this is easily overlooked when you get to stare at the epic backdrop all day.

I hope to be back soon! There so much to explore in this area of California.


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