Planning for Scandinavia!

Hot off the presses and out of our mailbox yesterday: Lonely Planet‘s latest edition of their Scandinavia book, published October 2011.  This book, along with many more hours of planning, will be key to help us map out our journey across the Nordic Countries.

I’m 1/4 Norwegian, thanks to my Grandpa Stan on my mom’s side.  The rest of my heritage is spread far and thin between other European nationalities.  This one claim I have has been one of my favorite things about myself and I’ve always been interested in learning more about the culture.  Unfortunately my Grandpa was adopted here in the US, so I don’t have much to trace from his past.

Now as I enter my late 20’s, I can’t help but dream of traveling and exploring Norway, one of the most untouched, scenic, and expensive European countries.  The fact that it’s an outdoorsy-person’s paradise has caught Shaun’s attention as well.  Add in the other amazing countries nearby: Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and even Iceland… and this vacation would be unbelievable.

So the plan is to wait until the time is right.  My goal is to finish my Master’s Degree in Spring 2013.  Shaun & I will also both have earned an extra week of vacation at work that year.  That gives us over 20 months to save up a lot of money to cover the flights, transportation, food, lodging, entertainment, and extra buffer money for a 4-week vacation from work to travel around these 5 countries.  As the time gets closer, perhaps we’ll cut down the amount of time or simplify the locations we travel to keep a tighter budget…

But either way, I am going to Norway in Summer 2013.


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