Don’t Worry, We’re Still Alive

Jen and I both thought that winter would be a slow season, consisting of every weekend at home and a lot of looooong Skyrim sessions. While there’s been a little bit of both, we still managed to stay very busy since Jen’s last post about October. Please be forewarned that all pictures below were taken with iPhones…

Fall was beautiful this year in the Central Valley and I now have a serious love with Ginkgo Bilobas after seeing our whole street glowing gold.

We carved pumpkins and put bloody hand prints on our front door to scare the kids. We ended up giving away A LOT of candy.

We went to one of Jen’s highschool friend’s wedding in Washington. It was a rainy October weekend but we still had a great time enjoying Northwestern hospitality after a long night of free beer.

November was a bit slower and we enjoyed some weekends knocking off things on our “To Do List” all while perfecting a home-made bloody mary mix and exploring some new dinner recipes.

December got a little more busy – Jen and I both went on work trips (Jen to San Luis Obispo and Anaheim and me to central Wisconsin). At least I got to visit Leinenkugel Brewery in Chippewa Falls.

My friend Mikey had his 25th birthday and we celebrated that with a party bus through the vineyards in Livermore.

I started looking at houses, had some offers rejected, and wrapped up the month with a nice family Xmas party.

January brought orange citrus to our backyard and fresh-squeezed mimosas to our glasses.

I had an offer accepted on a house but am still waiting for the seller’s bank approval (it’s a Short Sale). My first house is so close!!!

It was a pretty cold month so we spent a lot of nights hanging out indoors making fun of our animals.

There was a beer and cheese tasting at Camp 4 (owned by Royal Robbins’ son) which was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

And that brings us up to the present. Jen and I both apologize for leaving you guys hanging for a little while, but we both want to wish you a Happy 2012! More in-depth posts of some of our activites mentioned above are coming soon!


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