France, s’il vous plait!

It’s finally officially official… Shaun and I are going to France in June 2012 for 3 weeks!!!!!

Plane tickets are booked: June 2nd – June 23rd, SF –> Paris.  My passport is being processed.  Our 3-weeks of vacation time has been approved.  The itinerary is planned and slowly solidifying, starting with a 9-day France Rail Pass to freely travel around the country:

  • 4 nights in Paris
  • 1 night in Beaune (the Burgundy region)
  • 3 nights in Annecy & Chamonix (the French Alps)
  • 1 night in Lyon (Rhone Valley)
  • 2 nights in Avignon (Provence)
  • 3 nights in Antibes / Nice / Cannes (the French Riveira)
  • A quick flight to Nantes for 1 night (Brittany)
  • 3 nights in St. Malo (Brittany), where Shaun will be attending a conference for work
  • 2 nights in Caen (Normandy)
  • and back to Paris for our flight home! 

2 nights are booked.  18 more to go… and 72 days until departure.  We’ve already found that some of the highest rated budget hotels are already booked up!  Yikes!

We are majorly excited about our first international trip!  We will be doing this “flashpacking” style, AKA backpacking with nicer clothes/gear/technology and on a little bit higher budget than traditional backpackers.  Bonus: part of Shaun’s expenses for the trip will be reimbursed by our employer, since he’s attending a conference and representing the company for one of the weeks while we’re in Brittany.

We knew about this trip for a while but it was sort of a dreamy idea… would our company actually allow him to attend the conference?  Then one day, Shaun’s boss said it would be a good idea.  Just like that.

So look forward to our future blog updates on the planning and eventually the execution of this epic voyage (<– that’s a French word!).  Maybe I’ll even post about our health & fitness regime (<– that’s a French word too!!)… because we need to start kicking our butts into gear if we want to roam those Mediterranean beaches!


5 thoughts on “France, s’il vous plait!

    • Thanks Cam!! We are definitely taking at least 1 film camera and Shaun’s DSLR… and our “new laptop”, whenever we figure out which one we’re going to buy…

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