Home Update: Day 37

It’s been 37 days since we got the keys to our lovely “fair haven” (play on words with our new street name)…

And we have spent every free minute of the last 37 days working extra hard to prep the house for our arrival.  We have patched, primed, painted, cleaned, scrubed, caulked, found a good plumber, replaced air filters, demolitioned tub-shower doors, mounted vanity mirrors, replaced shower heads, updated old light fixtures, removed cabinet doors, installed closet rods, replaced light switches and electrical outlets, weeded, pruned, removed a tree, became pool-cleaners, had a pool safety fence installed, and moved all of our belongings across town.  Not to mention that we both work 8-5 jobs, I just finished my finals for my 4th semester of graduate school, and we leave in less than a month for a 3-week trip to France (which we still have a lot of planning to do!!!).

We are crazy.

We officially moved in on April 21st, with the help of Shaun’s parents and a few friends.  We are so grateful for everyone who is helping us with various chores and giving us insight into the “joys” of homeownership.  We really are proud of the work we’ve done so far, but since we haven’t had the time to summarize any of it properly, I’ll show some iPhone pics that we’ve captured along the way.

The Master Bedroom: when we took the light dimmer plates off, we saw that whatever wall treatment (done throughout the house) seemed to be some sort of stain – and the previous owners had been too lazy to remove the light switches to do it.  This freaked us out because we didn’t know if it was oil or latex based, and when we tried the “alcohol test“, we confirmed it was not latex.  So we used BIN Shellac Primer.  That was some stanky stuff, but it worked – even though we were told by multiple people that it was probably overkill.  Our biggest fear was that paint would not stick.  BIN shellac’s selling point was that it would stick to ANYthing.

The Master Bathroom:  It looked like the walls had been originally painted red, then the wall treatment/texture slapped on over the top leaving some exposed red, with Leopard print stamps all over.  Not really our thing, so we primed & painted.

Kitchen:  With white tile floors, white tile counters, white tile backsplash, and white painted cabinets, you can imagine that this kitchen needed some punch.  So we decided to go with brick red.  We sampled Behr Cajun Red (left) which was too orangey.  We sampled Behr New Brick (right) but it had a more purpley tone.  This was a really tough decision because it was such a bold color, but we chose the third (and not pictured) paint sample we tried.

Kitchen: The kitchen has been our catch-all for tools, painting supplies, and even TP.  The door jam on the right shows the color we chose, Benjamin Moore Rich Chestnut.  Don’t mind the weird lighting, we have a huge fluorescent panel light in the kitchen, which really doesn’t flatter the white cabinets.

Guest Bedroom:  Or as we like to call it – the pink room.  This room needed 1 coat Kilz primer and 3 coats of paint to get rid of the stripey look.  Even the trim was painted gold.  Repainting trim throughout the house is still on the to-do list.

Office:  How fitting that the previous owners had painted the Eiffel Tower in our future office!  This room we tenderly call “the oooh-la-la room”.  Not sure why they included “London” on this mural, but let’s just forget it ever happened.  Currently we’ve finished 1 coat of Kilz primer and 1 coat of paint, but we need to finish one more coat of paint this weekend before we can move furniture in.

Office: Check out the harlequin diamond pattern they used on the other wall – wayyyy too crazy for our taste.  The red diamonds are actually a raised texture from the rest of the wall.  We’re still deciding what more we may need to do to deal with the texture.  Stay tuned…

Family Room: The current set up for TV watching.  We are on the lookout for a new TV stand (currently using a coffee table) and a larger rug.  Eventually we’ll paint the family room a different color, but it’s definitely fine for a while.  You can peek into the kitchen there through the doorway and see the BM Rich Chestnut paint color and the junk all over.

Rosco & Griffey are getting used to the new digs.  And so are we!


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