Flight Madness & Arriving in Paris

I’m not sure if we were victims of mob-mentality or if all Air France flight boarding is totally hectic.  Everyone was standing around the gate as if they were in line… but eventually boarded by rows.  When it was our turn to board, we handed our boarding pass to the attendant (printed at home, online check-in since we were only bringing carry-ons), and we were received by a loud “BEEEEEP” after scanning both of our tickets.  The attendant yelled “APIS!” and asked us to stand to the side.  We immediately thought we had done something wrong and should have checked in at the Air France counter instead of online – would this mean we can’t board our flight???  Another attendant asked for our boarding passes and passports, checked the computer, then handed our paperwork back to us after a few long minutes and said “thank you for waiting” with no explanation.

Once we got on the plane, we shoved our luggage into the overhead compartments.  The 10 hour flight went by pretty quickly actually – we watched Amelie, did some research and planning, and slept for about 3 hours.

Off the plane, the customs line for non-EU passports moved super slow.  Finally we got through and were officially into France!  We stopped at a tourist information booth to buy a Paris Museum Pass and a train ticket to get to our hotel in Paris.  We followed the signs to the trains.  Luckily, Shaun had done his research so we knew exactly what trains we needed to take to make it to our hotel.  We were running on adrenaline and moving so fast through the stations for our metro transfers – plus we didn’t have to wait any longer than 4 minutes for a train.

We got to the hotel, checked in, and started our 4 night stay in Paris.


Hotel Beaugency, in the Rue Cler area in the 7e near metro stop Ecole Militare.

Stay tuned for more updates during our trip!


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