Beaune, Burgundy

Our first stop on the journey south from Paris was in the heart of Burgundy wine country.  We arrived at the Gare de Beaune station at 9am – and we were ready to drop our luggage off with the hotel until our check in time.  Luckily for us, our room was ready at Hotel de France, Beaune (right across the street from the train station).  Our room was super cute – unfortunately overlooking the train station and we could definitely hear the trains passing through.  We’d recommend the hotel for other train travelers though, easy enough to drop of your luggage, and take a 10-15 minute walk into the central part of town.


We only had one day in Beaune (pronounced like a cross between “bone” and “boon”), and as luck would have it, we had to brave the craziest thunderstorm while we were in town in the middle of the day with canvas shoes on.  We couldn’t rent bikes to ride around the town and nearby vineyards, but instead we…

Grabbed some baguette sandwiches while waiting out the heavy rains,

Took an underground wine cellar/cave tour at Marche aux Vins:




Toured the Hotel Dieu:


Tried escargot, boeuf bourguignon, shrimp & scallops & rice with a white wine sauce, and humongous macarons & ice cream for dessert at La Bistrot Bourguignon:



Picture below is near the city center in the morning:


Beaune was a place we would love to come back to since our day was so short and the weather forbidding.  It felt quiet, relaxed, and slower paced than bustling Paris.  Not to mention one of the best locations for wine tasting in the famous Burgundy region.


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