Inspired to awaken the dead (blog)

Well it’s been 116 days since we last posted here on the ol’ blog.  And it had been pretty spotty for a few months before that.  We promise we haven’t forgotten about you little bloggie!!  We just got busy, or lazy, or an 80-20 ratio of lazy and busy.

Inspiration hit me yesterday after we drove out to Palo Alto to the West Elm store for a very special event.  My favorite DIY bloggers John & Sherry Petersik from Young House Love were in town for a book signing for their first book, which I got for Christmas this year.  The line was super long, but the store employees at West Elm did an awesome job of handing out mini milkshakes, rice crispy treats, pecan-bars, and the cutest YHL sugar cookies:


The line for the book signing basically zig-zagged and wrapped all the way around the inside of West Elm.  This was nice for browsing the store while waiting in line.  West Elm is a home decor / furniture store and is part of the Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma family.  We had never been to one before so it was fun to look around.  I have a fox obsession, so when we saw a super cute white fox cookie jar (on sale, mind you!), I had to buy it.  Unfortunately our kitchen is all white (countertops, backsplash, cabinets) and we didn’t want him to blend in, so we made space for him on top of our microwave.  He looks pretty cute there.

west elm fox cookie jar

We found one other item at West Elm that we both absolutely loved: a Mid-Century Nightstand which we thought would go perfectly in our family room next to 2 new chairs we recently picked up.  It was pricey for us at $249, but we really liked it.  Definitely inspiration for what we want to get eventually (picture from West Elm’s website):

West Elm Mid-Century Nightstand

After we rounded the whole store we got to meet John and Sherry.  Just as sweet and funny in person as expected.  We were definitely a bit star struck!  We chatted about living in the valley vs the bay area and having big backyards.  It is strange to meet people that you already know so much about.  I’m thankful they took the time to make a stop in California during their book tour.

us and YHL

YHL book signature

After meeting the Petersik’s, we ran across the street to shop at Palo Alto Bicycles.  We were looking for reflectors for Shaun’s bike, which suprisingly is reeeeeally hard to find.  The shop employees were so awesome and gave us the reflectors for free!!  So we had to buy something to support them.  We bought a pair of red lights for the back of our bikes so we can ride at night safely.  If you’re in Palo Alto, go to this bike shop!!

 We walked down University Ave and ate at Cafe Epi, a french place with my favorite kind of Parisian cafe chairs.  I realized how amazing California is, that you can enjoy lunch outside in the middle of January.  Beautiful.  I had a Croque Monsieur and Shaun chose a pulled pork sandwich.

Cafe Epi

On our way out of Palo Alto we stopped at Ikea.  My first time going there as an adult… and I was definitely happy we stopped.  There is so much to see.  We ended up buying a set of 3 vintage botanical prints, which we had been looking for over the last few months for our dining room, and 3 basic white frames.

ikea prints

We are planning to put these up on either side of the hutch in our dining room. 

dining room

All of our pictures in this post are from my iPhone, so forgive the quality — but we’re also thinking about spray painting the brown chandelier to glossy white.  We want it to pop out from the wood pieces in there, and if we can work with what we’ve got, then we’re even more stoked. 

So in conclusion, we’re hoping to  jump back into the blogging world with a vengeance – or just maybe with posts more often than once every 4 months.  Cheers to 2013!


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