Mont St. Michel, Normandy

Lets jump right back into recapping our June 2012 France travelogue – we last left off in St. Malo in Brittany.  Shaun was busy with his work conference, so I took a solo day trip to Mont St. Michel, a famous island abbey within the Normandy region.

I caught the morning bus from St. Malo to Mont St. Michel, which took about 2 hours.  The bus driver gave us a deadline for when he would be heading back, so I had about 4 hours.  I walked from the bus parking lot over towards the causeway – a long strip of road between the mainland and the island of Mont St. Michel.  One of the special things about this island abbey is the tide, which is actually pretty dangerous if you walk out to the mudflats and get caught during high tide.  Shuttle buses are set up to transport people back-and-forth across the causeway, so I hitched a ride and headed into the walls of the tiny village.

The whole place is swarming with tourists – you can barely walk without bumping into someone, especially because the entire village wraps along one street.  The village is lined with tiny souvenir shops, food stands, and restaurants.  I had a quick lunch at La Sirene Creperie and headed up the steep hill to reach the Abbey of Mont St. Michel.  It costs 9 Euros to get in, but this is the main reason to come to the island.  It was beautiful – so without further ado, here’s a montage of pictures!










Stay tuned for the last post about our France trip – our final 2 nights in Paris.  You can also check out our 3 Weeks in France page for a full summary of our trip!


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