Building a Coffee Table

Since Jen and I have lived together, we’ve accumulated hand-me-down furniture at amazing speed. Recently, we actually started purchasing some of our own and are figuring out certain styles we like and dislike. We’re trying to transition from a little bit of everything to a somewhat cohesive theme.

The thought of making our own furniture had crossed our minds. We have some basic woodworking tools but definitely need to study up on techniques to attempt anything that needs to look pretty. That’s why we were so amazed when we saw this plan for a mid-century modern style coffee table on a blog called A Pair of Pears.


Simple, sleek, and easy to build. We followed the directions pretty much to the letter, twice. It was my brother-in-law’s Birthday, we had just visited them and witnessed their wobbly Ikea coffee table, and decided that this would be a unique gift. We picked up two different stains, Dark Walnut and Espresso.



The Espresso is actually a little dark for my taste and the Dark Walnut looks just right. We did 2-3 coats per side, depending on the evenness of the color. We let them dry for a few days inside our bar room and then put 3 coats of polyurethane in satin finish.


We let this dry overnight and it was finally time to attach the legs. The brackets come with their own hardware and, after a few pilot holes, were good to go. I screwed on the pre-studded legs and voila!


We had to shim the legs a bit on top using washers, but we finally got if fairly stable. Overall, we think it looks great and hope our family likes their Birthday present!

We are linking up to Young House Love’s Winter Pinterest Challenge – check out their post as well as all the other challenge participants!


3 thoughts on “Building a Coffee Table

    • Thanks Hollie! They did an awesome job on that table and I was shocked at how easy they made it look! Of course for me it isn’t always as easy as it seems, and we dragged it out for a couple weekends before both tables were completed, but in the end we were really happy! Thanks for the encouraging comment!! :)

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