Teen Bedroom Makeover

HELLO and Happy New Year!  Sorry for the complete lack of posts in the last 8 months, but I finally have some time to sit and be productive at home, not to mention a New Years resolution to start this thing back up!  We are hoping to get back on the blog-wagon because we’re working on some fun DIY home projects and also want to share pictures of our September trip to Norway and Iceland… stay tuned!

So this post goes back all the way to August!!  I took a trip home to help my baby sis to remodel her bedroom for her 14th b-day. She was about to start high school and wanted to start fresh with a more “grown-up” bedroom.  This was a fun project for me because this was my old room from age 4 to 18!  When I left it was painted school-bus-yellow… Thanks Mom for letting me choose wild paint colors!!

Well when I moved away to college, my baby sis got to move in.  Being a little girl, she wanted pink – walls & ceiling.  So that’s what we were working with for this 3-night makeover project.  Here’s some before pictures: Note she did not clean up her room for me before we started…

Bedroom before 2

The room has nice dark wood molding, built-in drawers, and a little walk in closet.

Closet before

Another favorite part of the room is what we always call “the cubby”.  It’s a little nook that can fit a twin bed inside completely, with a little room for more.

Bedroom before

Day 1: cleaning/purging/patching walls/painting ceiling white/painting trim white/removing stickers (Goo-gone + finger nails or a flat head screwdriver + elbow grease worked WONDERS!)

patching walls

removing stickers

At the end of Day 1:

end of day 1 - 2

end of day 1

The next day we painted – a Benjamin Moore light gray color that I just can’t remember right now.  We also cleaned the carpets until late in the night!  I don’t think she realized how much work she would be doing.

end of day 2

Start of Day 3: No furniture in place yet – but we had a fun shopping day with me, my sister and my mom!

day 3 (2)

day 3

Day 4: She had a b-day party planned for this day so we got the room all decorated just in time for her party!  We bought her the futon at target for $99 (now she can have friends stay over and they don’t have to sleep on the floor), got her a new full size bed so she can grow into it and take with her to college, but used all the rest of her original furniture.  New bedding, a couple throw pillows, we made the curtains with iron-on-hemming (from Home Fabrics in Modesto!), new bulletin board so she can keep homework organized, the Eiffel tower poster was $2 at Beverly’s and found a frame for it, and finally got her a couple other baskets/organizational items too.

Day 4

bedroom after 1

bedroom after 2

bedroom after 3

bedroom after

There were other things we had in mind but not enough time to complete – like a fun patterned upholstered headboard, building out some shelving on either side of her bed for added storage and to use up the angled space, and re-doing some of her furniture pieces.  Maybe next time… but until then I am proud of how hard we worked together to make this remodel happen!

before and after


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