About Shaun: I grew up in Livermore, CA with Mom, Dad, Sis and Bro. I studied Chemical Engineering at UC Davis and shortly after graduating went to work at a large food company in the Central Valley. While it took a while for the area to grow on me, I realized that it’s the ideal place for someone who likes quick access to the outdoors and has friends not too far away in any direction. Jen and I met through work a few years ago, quickly realized how equally ambitious we both are, and now enjoy each others company while pursuing the many hobbies we both have.

About Jen: I grew up in south/central Tacoma, WA with my Mom, Dad, Sis, Baby Sis, and lots of cats.  I graduated from Washington State University with a BS in Food Science.  I am proud to say I was a Cougar Gold cheesemaker for the majority of my college education!  I moved to the California Central Valley in 2007 after being recruited for a job.  After several years of hardships and unhappiness in CA, a fresh start in the beginning of 2010 brought about the change I needed.  Now I’m taking advantage of my great centralized location, venturing into new hobbies, and finding the good things in life — all the while working full time and pursuing a master’s degree.  Luckily I have Shaun as my experienced guide and Rosco as my devoted follower. Life is good. <3


About Rosco: He’s a 6-year old Black Lab/Golden Retriever mix, stricken with hip dysplasia… but that won’t stop him.  Companion & Leg Warmer for many adventures.  Interests include Kong, glucosamine supplements, bandanas, sticks, water, playing fetch, stuffed ducks, ropes, cuddling, treats, sneezing when excited, tennis balls, peanut butter, and posing for pictures.


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